You can be a part of this department

Command Staff:

Chief: David Moulden

Deputy Chief: Paul Gordon

Career Officers:

Captain: Chris Smith - Training / QA Bureau
Lieutenant: Robert Hess - Training / QA Bureau

Part-time / Paid-on-Call Captains:

Linda Kain - EMS Bureau
Kevin Pottorf - Fire Suppression Bureau

Part-time / Paid-on-call Lieutenants:

Trevor Corns - Fire Suppression Bureau
Chuck Jones - EMS Bureau

Combined Department:

This is a combination department with approximately 68 total personnel. There are 3 paid (career) personel, 15 part-time personnel and 50 paid-on-call personnel..

You Can Help!

The Wayne Township Fire Department is looking for people in Wayne Township, Newtonsville and Edenton areas to serve as Paid-on-Call  (traditionally known as volunteer) and part-time fire fighters and/or emergency medical personnel. Are you missing from the picture? People from all walks-of-life are currently serving. For information, please contact the Wayne Township Fire Department at 513.625.6212.


Wayne Township Fire & Rescue
Clermont County, Ohio